Monday, August 6, 2012

...something's cooking...

YES. It's true. We are expecting our sweet baby next year. 

some of you are probably just as shocked as we were when we found out... but once the shock wore off, we were ecstatic. we appreciate so much our friends & fam who have been so supportive and excited along with us and who already love baby gray just as much as we do. we are thrilled and overwhelmed (in a good way) with all that this new season brings.

Since making it public, we've gotten some questions that have been asked multiple times. So I thought I'd answer those here :)

  • were we trying?/was this planned?/were we shocked?: no we weren't trying, no it wasn't planned, and yes we were very shocked. however, while not our own timing, we believe in the Lord's perfect timing and we feel so peaceful about this and couldn't imagine it not being this way now.
  • have i been sick?: yes. very. my body is super sensitive to anything "foreign," so i got sick right away, but it's just part of being pregnant. i am starting to feel a TON better though.
  • are we going to find out the sex?: OF COURSE. I am way too much of a planner :) we still have a little while before we will have the sonogram to find that out. but we will share, most definitely.
  • when is my due date?: we are not revealing our due date for a couple of reasons. our closest friends & family members will know... but the wisdom i have been given from other moms + my midwife is to not reveal the due date. one reason being that first time moms usually go later than their due date, second being it's just an estimation, and another being that with facebook/twitter/iphone age, it's pretty much impossible to keep anything private. so this is something we have chosen to keep some intimacy between those who will physically be at the birth with us & our close family/friends who won't be there. we don't want our phones blowing up if we pass the due date. maybe it will be different with our 2nd baby, but for now, this is how we want to go about it.

well I think that's all for now... hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will post some belly pictures and start writing about our birth plan, pregnancy, being a newlywed + how baby has changed things for us, etc etc.

thank you to our friends + family who have been so supportive, encouraging to us & excited for us. our sweet baby is already so loved and we could not be more thankful for that.