Wednesday, June 6, 2012

a new season

well... here we are friends! this is going to be our family blog from now on... I will still try and write occasionally in my personal blog but for the most part, if you want to keep up with our journey, this is where we'll be.

WE. ARE. MARRIED. Have been for about a week and a half now. It sometimes feels surreal and I don't know if I will ever get tired of waking up next to Jordan every morning. I just love it.

If you're just joining us, here is a little background info on us (I'm talking, VERY LITTLE). I (Malloree) am from Georgia, where I have been born and raised my whole life. Jordan is from Texas and has been born and raised there as well. After college, both of us (without knowing one another) decided to go to YWAM Discipleship Training School in the furthest possible place we could get to- Townsville, QLD Australia. (If you want to read about YWAM & our journey there for 6 months, read about it on my personal blog) we met there in January of 2011. The Lord spoke clearly, we waited, tried to be as obedient as possible... waited until after DTS was over, started dating, traveled to Sydney & Gold Coast for 2 weeks, came back to the states, and 2 months later, I had moved to Texas :) we weren't really good at long distance and knew we wanted to be more serious... so 4 months into dating, we got engaged. 7 months later, we are MARRIED & happy & so loving seeing the Lord complete the things He started in us over a year and a half ago. He is faithful and that's all we can say.

SO. While I would love to post wedding photos, we aren't able to right now due to attempting to get them published. SO, once that is clear and hopefully in print, I will definitely show them to you.

for now though- you can enjoy our wedding video done by the amazing people of the*reason

So- just a quick update on what has been going on with us and a little bit of what's to come. We have had a CRAZY last couple of months. a close family friend passed away, our beautiful niece Ella Juliet was born, my dad and stepmom had TWINS at 29 weeks, JP & Maura Cate, and then of course we get married. this was all in about a month time span. so life has been hectic, but so much fun.

We spent a week in Atlanta before the wedding and had some amazing friends from our YWAM school come from all over the world to visit and come to the wedding. So that was a blast. Our wedding happened and it was the most perfect day (although a bit hot at about 90 degrees) and I will always remember it. Our reception was a BLAST. I danced my tail off with my girls. then we honeymooned to Jamaica for 8 days of relaxation. I slept 18 hours the first day & around 12-13 hours after that each day, haha. Poor Jordan! We also celebrated Jordan's 27th birthday on June 2nd... so he is getting on up there :) but getting much more wiser and more handsome with age, hehe.

Now we are home. We're actually venturing back to Georgia this weekend for a wedding that Jordan is a groomsman in, which we are really excited about. Jordan is back to work already and I am heading there next week. We have weddings every single weekend for the next month, so we are excited to share in all of our friends special days & start the newlywed journey with some amazing people.

some of the people closest to us, JP & Jennifer (Jordan's brother & his wife), just moved about 3 hours away for JP's new dream job, and with them our niece, Ella, & nephew, Jackson. it has been a weird transition to not have them here. but we can't wait for them to visit and for us to come and visit a city that I've never seen before!

thanks for stopping by!

all our love-
Jordan + Malloree

pictures of last few months :)

trip to NYC- Jordan's first time!

OU/Texas A&M football game.. OU is Jordan's alma mater

our sweet Ella girl, probably 3 weeks here.

one week old :) I love her. can't you tell?

not sure... I think 2 or 3 weeks here.

our first dance

Jordan holding Ella

Maura Cate on the left, "JP" Jefferson Pierce on the right

and last but not least, one that I can show :) from our wedding day